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GEA BOCK GmbH, Germany is a well known manufacturer of superior quality refrigeration compressors of various ranges, condensing units and compressors for bus air conditioning. GEA BOCK manufactures piston compressors on the most state-of-the-art production equipment for all refrigeration application in retail, industrial, rail, bus and transportation.

BOCK semi-hermetic and open type compressors are now used in a wide variety of applications. Be it freezing, normal refrigeration or air-conditioning in buildings, vehicles, customers rely on BOCK compressor technology. For coach air-conditioning and transport refrigeration BOCK supplies FK series vehicle compressors to leading coach manufacturers and many well-known manufacturers of transport refrigeration systems. Almost all bus manufacturers in Europe are using BOCK compressors for air-conditioning. FK series compressors are unique in design and are number one in its kind.


WALTER ROLLER & Co., Germany - is another quality manufacturer of heat exchangers and evaporators used in refrigeration and air conditioning. For more than 60 years products from ROLLER ensure the right temperatures. Through path-breaking developments in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning engineering ROLLER have gained world-wide recognition. ROLLER unit air coolers, condensers and fan coil units are keeping the required temperatures even under extreme conditions. What more convincing reasons than these you could find for using ROLLER products: ROLLER has got a very good reputation and standard in Europe and they have Euro vent certificate for quality standard.

  • approved quality
  • long lasting reliability
  • perfect in performance and engineering
  • high capacity combined with minimal energy consumption
  • easy mounting and maintenance

Refrigerated Boxes from Al Mulla, Kuwait

Al Mulla Group is one of the leading business houses of Kuwait in operation since 1938 with branches all over the Middle East.

Trading & Manufacturing Division , a part of Al Mulla Group is engaged in manufacturing of Refer bodies , Steel fabrication , air ducts , Contracting and trading in the fields related to HVAC , Plumbing & fire fighting , electrical installation , industrial installations , Building automation systems ect.

Al Mulla Transport Refrigeration since 1984, a part of Engineering Division Al Mulla Group is engaged in manufacturing of insulated bodies used for frozen, chiller & dry cargo transportation.

As a part of Al Mull Group, Transport Refrigeration Division is committed to provide its best products, installation and services, which will meet the customers' needs and expectations at competitive prices.

Product Range

  • Insulated bodies for transportation of frozen, chilled products (temperature Range –25 degree centigrade to +15 degree Centigrade).
  • Reefer Semi trailers up to length of 15 Meter. used for cross country transportation
  • Insulated dry cargo boxes.
  • Cargo boxes for various types of goods with customized storage & opening for different application like sliding door, shutter door etc.
  • Insulation and refrigeration of delivery vans.
  • Distributor for Supply, installation of 'Carrier' brand refrigeration units.

Advantages of Al Mulla Product

  • Light weight body highly recommended for fuel economy. Higher pay load compared to extra heavy boxes fabricated in conventional way.
  • Carefully engineered construction to achieve low thermal conductivity, resulting into lower load on diesel engine thereby saving on fuel cost.
  • Specially engineered flooring, having high load bearing capacity, resistant to water seepage.
  • Special flooring with aluminium T-sections available for tougher usage involving movement of pallet trucks.
  • Special double door seals to prevent heat leakage, thermal bridge for avoiding heat loss between metallic surfaces, rain water deflector around rear doors, etc are some of the unique features in our product.
  • Assembly of box is carried out at our factory using specially designed jigs and fixtures for giving better bonding of panels and high dimensional consistency.
  • Easy assembly and mounting on vehicles.
  • Strong, durable and elegant in looks.
  • Boxes can be specially customized as par user requirement.
  • Rust proof prepainted surface, ready to use for sign writing.

Quality Control

  • The Products are designed to meets best quality standard set up in Europe for food transportation.
  • All products are inspected & tested by QC department
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Carrier Refrigeration

Carrier Refrigeration is a world leader in commercial & industrial refrigeration products. A part of UTC Technologies ,company manufactures condensing units, evaporators, display chillers & freezers apart from multi compressor packs, liquid chillers to name a few. High Quality, Technically innovative products from Carrier gives cost effective solutions. Environment friendly & energy efficient technology solutions are always a main consideration for carrier technologies.

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